M.W.F.A Club Rules

Manly Warringah Field Archers Club Rules:

Common sense and an approach to leaving the Club and reserve area in a better state than you found it, will go a long way to ensuring the Club’s ability to continue to prosper in this location and improve the archery experience for all concerned.

The Club rules have been established to ensure the safety of all members, the general public and to ensure the preservation of the JJ Melbourne Hills Reserve’s special environment. Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of membership rights.

The principal Club rules are located on a large notice board located on the south wall of the club house.

The rules include:

  • 1. MWFA Club members only allowed to shoot. Current Club ID to be worn at all times
  • 2. People using the range(s) do so at their own risk
  • 3. The use of broad head arrows strictly prohibited
  • 4. No camouflage clothing to be worn on the field ranges
  • 5. Field range tracks must be followed (typically from Target 1 to 20.)
  • 6. No firearms, cross bows or Fireworks
  • 7. All wildlife is protected
  • 8. Rubbish is to be placed in the bins provided
  • 9. No offensive language or behaviour
  • 10. Members are prohibited from handling archery or club equipment if under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • 11. Members using the ranges shall sign in the attendance book located adjacent to the club house entrance door before commencing shooting
  • 12. Junior members shall be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. Cub member’s equipment shall be carried by the responsible adult at all times
  • 13. Arrows shall only be knocked immediately prior to shooting from the appropriate shooting peg or line and aimed only at the designated target
  • 14. Shooters shall only proceed to the target to remove arrows when all shooters have completed shooting and an all clear direction is given
  • 15. Members shall comply with all directions and signs issued by the Range officials
  • 16. Ranges shall only be set by members appropriately qualified by ABA

Club Shoots And Club Competition Rules

Safety Protocols:

Whilst archery is a very safe sport, there are inherent risks associated with any outdoor activity. The spirit of the Club is such that Members are responsible for not only themselves and their actions but also for those around them.

Compliance with the Club Rules will mitigate many of the problems that may otherwise occur.

The field ranges are located in bush land settings and smoking on the field ranges is not permitted due to the high fuel load and potential for a fire event.

In extreme fire conditions, the ranges may be closed and signs may be posted at the field range entrances. It is recommended that shooters do not use the ranges when the fire warning reaches the reported extreme level for the local area. In the event of a fire, members should evacuate the area via the most direct path and proceed directly to the west side of Mona Vale Rd. Alternatively members should proceed east to the Kimbriki tip if it is unsafe to proceed to Mona Vale Rd.

It is recommended that members shoot with another person or if not practical, advise a responsible person of their intended destination particularly when using the field ranges. Carrying a mobile phone that can be turned on in the event of a problem is recommended.

Safe Clothing is recommended including brightly coloured sun safe clothing and appropriate closed footwear preferably with ankle support.

Members are encouraged to obtain a first aid certificate and carry a portable first aid kit with them. The Club has a first aid kit with basic provisions that can be accessed on Club shoot days.

More serious injuries may require an ambulance or hospitalisation. The ambulance can be contacted on ph: 000

The nearest hospital is Mona Vale Hospital that is located at Mona Vale off Pittwater Rd.

The archery ranges are well sign posted from the fire trails adjacent to reserve, however on rare occasions, members of the public wander through the reserve. Typically, the site of archers in a bush setting can be confronting to the public and members should assist the persons and advise them of the appropriate exit along the range path. Members shall not recommence shooting until unauthorised persons are well clear of the targets.

Local inhabitants on the ranges include leaches, ticks, bull ants and spiders, all of which can provide a potentially nasty bite and reactions. The use of a personal insect repellent is recommended and shooters should check for insect bites at the conclusion of a shoot or as soon as practical and seek an appropriate remedy as required.

The fauna of the reserve also includes a number of varieties of poisonous snakes including black, brown and death adders. These snakes can often be located on the walking and fire trails, particularly in the warmer months and will typically quickly move into the adjacent bush when disturbed. Do not provoke a snake if it does not move.

The more common injuries likely to be sustained in the bush setting are abrasions and sprains. The field range tracks are often covered with loose material including leaves and branches that can result in slips and falls. Moss clad rocks will also be encountered on the field ranges. Members should take care using the field ranges, particularly after rain.

Members should take care when removing arrows from targets. Arrows should be approached and removed from the side and removed ensuring that other shooters are not likely to be injured by standing too close behind them.

Members should ensure that their archery equipment is in a good state of repair and not damaged. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of strings and bow fixings, as well as arrow nocks.

Members are required to seek instruction on the use of all Club equipment including bow scales, chronographs, arrow cutters, lawn mowers, whipper snippers and the like before use. Safety clothing shall be worn when using club equipment. Damaged equipment shall not be used and members are strongly encouraged to report any damage, even if you caused it!

The Club prefers to know and fix a problem rather than have inoperable or dangerous equipment that can potentially harm others.

Novice Members are encouraged to seek instruction on the correct use of their equipment from an experienced club member. It is recommended that novice Members become proficient on the practice range before venturing onto the field ranges.


Club ranges can be used at any time, subject to closures by range officials due to maintenance works, club shoot range layouts or extreme fire conditions.

The Club has a practise range located adjacent to the club house with targets set at nominated distances. The target faces are replaced regularly and members are encouraged to use the full target face to prolong the life of the targets.

There are 3 field ranges, red , blue and white set out on the reserve each containing 20 targets. There are a number of animal trails through the courses that can be confusing and new members shall walk the trails with a member to become acquainted with the layouts.

You can read more about the M.W F.A Club ranges here


Club members are encouraged to use the car parking facilities located adjacent to the JJ Melbourne Field dog training area to the south of the Club area and proceed north along the fire trail to the Club.

On shoot days, the car parking area adjacent to the Club may be opened and members are requested to park so as to not damage any flora.


Toilet facilities located immediately adjacent to the practice range are open on Club Shoot days and the key, on a large bright yellow tag, can be located in the club house on the wall adjacent to the kitchen. Alternative toilet facilities are located at JJ Melbourne Fields reserve adjacent to the horse club area.


Members are advised that the reserve and adjacent lands contain a number of threatened species. Members are required to use the established pathways and fire trails only and not damage or remove any flora.

Snacks and Drinks:

The Club provides drinks and snacks on an honesty system and payment via the jar located in the fridge for snacks shall be made prior to consuming the food items. The costs for the food items are listed on the fridge.

Club Constitution