M.W.F.A Archery Ranges

All Club members are asked to pay close attention to signage and notices due to changes to the club ranges bordering Kimbriki.

Club ranges can be used by members at any time, subject to closures by range officials due to maintenance works, club shoot range layouts or extreme fire conditions.

The Club has a practice range located adjacent to the club house with targets set at nominated distances. The target faces are replaced regularly and members are encouraged to use the full target face to prolong the life of the targets.

There are 3 field ranges, red , blue and white set out on the reserve each containing 20 targets. There are a number of animal trails through the courses that can be confusing and new members shall walk the trails with a member to become acquainted with the layouts.

The field ranges have permanent target butts set at unmarked distances which can be used at any time. During organised club shoots and tournaments, 3D targets are placed on the field ranges.

Target Distances

The field range targets are set at unmarked distances. The maximum distance for each stake is as follows:

Orange stake = 50 yards (45.72 meters)

Green stake = 45 yards (41.15 meters)

Yellow stake = 35 yards (32 meters)

White stake = 30 yards (27.43 meters)

Red stake = 20 yards (18.35 meters)

Blue stake = 10 yards (9.44 meters)